What We Do

  • Press

    Be it a product launch, content announcement, or a rebrand, we place our clients stories in the most coveted and meaningful outlets and always seek creative angles for maximum impact. We dig deeper than most, looking for unique engagement opportunities like event panels or interview opportunities to help connect with your desired audience.

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  • Fan Engagement

    Through our many trusted partners we are able to provide seamless brand integration using authentic content with trusted on air talent. We are able to create organic enthusiasm – or dare we say “brandom” – for our clients’ products.

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  • Traditional Advertising

    We are able to provide our clients efficient access to a unique set of niche and mainstream advertising opportunities, thus gaining inside access to our fan culture in an unobtrusive way.

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  • Non Traditional Advertising

    Everything we do is non traditional, but this is where we take it to another level. We are able to ideate on and create custom content in a variety of formats, including animation, comics, video and more. We also provide insider access to influencers as well as experiential opportunities to personally connect with our culture.

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  • Social

    We develop a voice within the community reinforcing brand identity and values. We reach new and old fans alike providing them with content that they are proud to share and evangelize on our clients behalf.

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  • Campaign Development

    We always offer multiple campaign creative options to our clients to truly differentiate and deliver on the needs of each account, consumer target and objective. More often than not the unexpected and creative path leads to the optimal solution.

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  • Brand Strategy

    Your brand is the heart of your business and must be treated with the utmost care and respect. When a client asks Modern Fanatic to aid in brand development, repositioning, evaluation or any other impactful strategic development it is viewed as being asked to join the family and view the clients success as our own personal objective.

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  • Retail Marketing & Licensing

    When there is a need for a go-to-market approach and strategy, we position brands and product lines through the lenses of retailers and consumers. Modern Fanatic is and will always be willing to go the extra mile for that strategic objective as well as identify new opportunities, such as licensing, to expand the narrative and consumer connection with the brand.

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Let’s Create The Story

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